Il web potrebbe diventare Brain-Friendly

23 Nov

Cogito, tecnologia tutta italiana, alla base di AskWiki: un motore basato sui contenuti di Wikipedia è il primo motore capace di apprendere e rispondere alle domande che gli si pongono. Per adesso funziona solo in inglese, ma promette bene.

Qualche esempio:

Was Jessica Alba nude in anything?

As the daughter of conservative parents, Alba, whose grandparents did not allow her to wear a bathing suit around the house, maintains a no-nudity clause in her contract, though she has claimed she had been open to the possibility of appearing nude in Sin City. She remarked of a GQ shoot in which she was scantily clad, “They didn’t want me to wear the granny panties, but I said, “If I’m gonna be topless I need to wear granny panties”.

Do really cats eat mice?

Hunting in the barns and the fields, they kill and eat rodents that would otherwise spoil large parts of the grain crop. Many pet cats successfully hunt and kill rabbits, rodents, birds, lizards, frogs, fish, and large insects by instinct, but might not eat their prey. They may even present their kills, dead or maimed, to their humans, perhaps expecting them to praise or reward them, or possibly even to complete the kill and eat the mouse.

Finalmente non dovremo più scervellarci a cliccare tra milioni di risultati per cercare qualcosa.



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